OHS Policy



Oversees all O H & S documentations and any changes within.

Operations Manager:
His role is to ensure that the contract run safely in line with Legislative requirements and O H & S Regulations.

Works Coordinator:
Prior to allocating the daily work to the plumbers, his responsibility is to ensure that the best qualified person is allocated to the job and that all the necessary safety equipment is sent out with the crew.

Field Supervisor:
He is the most qualified O H & S person within the company. He travels from job to job to ensure that each jobsite is managed in a safe and secure manner. He reports back to senior management if there could be an improvement in the work method being used. He generally sets the agenda for toolbox meetings.

O H & S Supervisor:
He is responsible for developing and distributing O H & S procedures and providing expert guidance in the implementation of the safety systems and training.

Project Engineer:
Generally acts as a scribe at toolbox meetings and it is his job to ensure that there is a closure on issues raised at O H & S meetings.