Backflow Prevention & Fire Services

Backflow Prevention and Fire Services Vertical

Backflow Prevention and Fire Services

Hydrotech Services is a member of the Backflow Prevention Association. We offer an expert audit service to identify potential backflow hazards presented by activities carried out on a client’s property.

The audit report will make recommendations as to the installation of appropriate backflow prevention devices to provide individual, zone and containment protection against identified hazards. The audit can be followed up with installation and testing of the recommended devices. Test results will be lodged with the client and water authority as proof of compliance.

Hydrotech Services can also assist with the installation and repair of below and above-ground fire services and works to upgrade existing systems to ensure compliance with Australian Standards. This may involve the installation of new booster/hydrant points or hose reels to comply with FRV and CFA requirements. Our team of experts can provide advice on the most practical and economical solution under the circumstances.