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HTS is a specialist group providing plumbing and maintenance services within the state of Victoria.

  • Providing Services to the Gas and Water Industries
  • Operate, Maintain and Undertake Plumbing Construction Activities
  • Test and Ensure Structural Integrity of Assets
  • Plan and Structure Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Audit, Install and Test Backflow Prevention Devices
  • Replace and Install Metal Roof Claddings and Gutter Systems

Who We Are


We have considerable experience in investigating, planning, operating, maintaining and installing associated infrastructure facilities.

Managed Programs

Our team members successfully managed programs where O. H. & S, Quality, Environmental and I. R. are issues.

Expert WorkForce

Our personnel are problem solvers who address and focus on the client’s objectives

OUR Services

HTS is a Specialist Group Providing Plumbing and Maintenance Services which include

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